Thursday, 6 September 2012

Aug 13th

Pday , we woke up did some small washing the then headed to the cafe. We emailed home after that we met up with The other two elders from our disctirct and we took a van/torto to the where we were meeting the rest of zone, from there the office elders came and picked us up and took the entire zone to the beach, it was great time walking on the beach , playing sharks and minos and then playing some good ole football, no one swam , but we all got pretty wet ;) haha, it was a really fun day and we finished it off by a member bringing some rice and chicken which was nice.
 The next day was zone leaders council and thanks to the versatile missionary booklet I was able to give a good instruction on  finding and retention keeping people active in the church. After my instruction our district  went to the orphanage to do our service for the week, as a district we have planned to do service at least one a week. After that we went to meet a new investigator called sweetie , who is a nice young girl who is on holiday from school and has meet with missionaries before , when we visited her we basically just read over the chapter in Nephi talking about the tree of life and helped her to understand what the chapter means.
Wednesday I about died, we had to walk about 3-5 miles to go fill up our gas tanks ,and when we arrived there was a long long line because there is a gas shortage in the country and we thought we would have had to wait for hours and hours but when we got there they called us to the front of the line and we were able to get serviced right away which was nice, (the lord works in mysterious ways) It hit our missionary subsistence pretty hard though because it was about 10.50 each! After we returned home my companion and I went to visit Sister Helen a nice lady who we are helping learn English she is Liberian , we had   one of the greatest meals from a member I have had , we had fried yams, which are like potatoes , then sauted onions peppers and tomatoes with deep fired fish and then an avocato and onion salad which was great , she feeds us well and we visit her every Wednesday she also lets us watch tv when we visit so I have been able to keep up on the Olympics.
Thursday we did finding most of the morning which we found a few new investigators but this week had some real difficulties with teaching because it was the week of the funeral of the president. Thursday night we had a three hour lesson with an investigator named Uncle Jimmy who is 74 years old who I have told you about in a letter so I will let you wait.
Skipping to Saturday we played football in the morning with the investigators which was fun until I slid and scrapped all the skin of my left leg,you know I put ointment on it and stuff and it did nothing but a Member named Sister Togba rubbed a leaf on it and its about healed now , its amazing how nature works. After we played soccer in the morning I went on splits with our district leader elder Imende and we taught about 4 lessons till the rim on his bike broke and we are waiting for a new bike to be brought because it was too much money to repair it. After that we had a baptism of a nice young girl named Victoria where I was informed as we are starting that I was giving a baptismal talk so I had to rush to prepare but I got the job done and did a good job I think. It has been a good , week I have some free time today so I will be writing some letters to the family , I hope all is well , I miss you all very much , please keep me in your prayers , best wish
love your son,

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