Thursday, 6 September 2012

Aug 27th

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well today let me start at the end of the day and work my way back to the morning well we got back from Accra Mall and we saw that there was water flowing in the back of the house flooding ,but then we realized that some one had hope our fenced ripped the chain of the cage holding our pump ,stolen the pump broke the pipe and left the water running. Well what a crazy day and an even crazier night we have ahead of us. Well It was like I was back in south Africa , except I was a missionary , walking around a nice air conditioned mall it was super nice. I felt like I didnt want to leave , but I was able to do some shopping at Game, Mr. Price exct. so much needed stuff as well. Well sounds like you guys are pretty busy and thats great. Well the work continues , Long tiring days , starting with gym or wrestling in the morning and companion and personal study at night. Its long days ,but I am losing weight. Oh just a heads up , every missionary I have met has informed me that CTR clothing wont last more than 6 months and I think they are right , almost all my pants the pockets have holes and I tore one pair of pants Im having fixed on my bicycle last week, you know your clothes face more harsh elements here in ghana and stuff can become ruined or spoiled quickly faster. In my letter I am talking about the investigators , the languages exct. . So My email today is not very long also we have to run to get the stuff at the house fixed. Our goal however this next month is finding , finding , finding , if we work and teach hard , with the companionship of the holy ghost our goal for baptisms this next month  is 15 so we are really shooting high but through the lord all things are possible. Please  I want you guys to know I love you and I miss you , do I struggle yes , is this the right thing to do yes , do i need prayers yes please, they will help me and strengthen me. I love you so much

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