Thursday, 6 September 2012

Aug 20th

ell this past week I was able to participate in my first African Helping hands as a missionary . For the helping hands service project we went and we cleaned our local hospital. It was a great day and we got a lot of work done. Well as I said my companion is our new district leader. Well last friday I received a call and talked to the APS about how I was doing , how well I know the area exct. and then Elder Imende found out Monday night he  was leaving to Kolf town to be a zone leader and my companion found out that he was becoming district   leader. Yes Mom I will be going on splits with other missionary when ever my companion needs to go interview for baptisms or if we have to go sort out any problems. Also for District  leader council we will be traveling to Odokor where the kissis life. For the first time this past week I visited the kissis home on Friday. We had lunch at their house and walked around to see the hospital , also they say hi by the way. They have a nice home , and I know we aren't suppose to hug women but Sister Kissi or momma Kissi gave a big hug. I will be able to visit them when ever we go for meetings. Well Since Elder Imende left , the new missionary in the house reminds me of my rugby days and days back in UVU , his name is Elder Sio , he is Samoan , He knows a few of the guys at UVU and we listen to the same Polynesian music its great. Well it was another great week of the work of the Lord. I was able to ride to the furthest part of our area about a 20-30 minute ride this week and for the first time I did not have to stop , or push my bike or become super tired from pushing it. It was really great and its nice that when i go on splits I can be the senior companion =) . This week has been really fun , teaching , wrestling , cleaning , studying , the work is great. Hey guess what at Christmas time I will be throwing away all of my 2xl garments and buying Larges , again yes larges, my companion and I go to the gym from about 5:45-6:45 , its really worth it and its really helping me to be better on the bike and ride for longer distances.

Well family I want you all to know that I love you thank you for keeping me in your prayers you are all in mine. Enjoy your time together
A mission really changes a person physically mentally but most importantly Spiritually. I want to bear you all my testimony that the gospel does bless families  that Joesph Smith was a true prophet called of god , that through him the Church of Jesus Christ was restored , I want you to know that there is great power in the priesthood and that it can be used to bless families , to help people and to bring our Brothers and Sisters un to Christ. Never forget to pray at night to thank the lord , never forget to pray in the morning to say good morning to your father in Heaven , read the Scriptures daily even if its only one verse , Family this church is true this gospel is true , I know its true, I am serving the lord and pray and hope that you all will be blessed and protected for my service, Family I love you all and miss you and Its great to receive emails but Letters and or Packages are so much better Sara and Logan win the Letter contest so far =)

Love you all be safe , be strong , be smart
Love your Brother , Son , Uncle ,

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